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Our mission is to provide technological solutions to carwash businesses to run more effectively and efficiently while increasing revenue and maximizing their exposure to more clients.


To become the leading technology provider to the car washing industry in the world.

Tumi Phafane

Her strengths are strategizing, organizing, facilitating, reporting and analyzing the entire business, from administration to operations. Therefore, she ensures that the business achieves its goals while also bridging the gap between the company and its factors of production. She is passionate about productivity and innovation that is why she structures teams and ensures maximum productivity and dedication. Tumi has an innate ability to closely monitor multiple projects and their variables, a skill that makes her an asset in any business setting. She possesses strong interpersonal skills and thus ensures that employee's needs and expectations are held at heart by the organisation.

Govenor Makhubela

Over I5 years of advance knowledge and experience in research and analysis. Proficient leadership strategies aimed at enhancing job performance. Self-driven personality experienced in organisational assessment through optimization and streamlining of business processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. Deep understanding of business development, sales, marketing, and operations that are growth oriented.

Emmanuel Maphosa

Emmanuel holds a BBA Degree and is furthering his studies, specializing in Financial Management and Investments. His career stems from several years doing business admin and finance in the agricultural sector for a SMME as well as building other SMMEs with financial assistance. Passionate about business development, finance, and investments.

Why invest in Smart Carwash?

Owning Smart Carwash can be a profitable investment opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Increased throughput - to Smart Carwash throughput is money. The more cars we wash the more revenue is generated. Our touchless system can wash over 8 cars an hour. That is a minimum of 64 cars a day and a minimum monthly gross revenue of R128 000 with one Touch less Smart Carwash system.
  • 24/7 operation -Touchless Smart Carwash operates for 24 hours, 7 days a week in most of our sites.Together with throughput, the sleepless carwash generates revenue throughout seasons.
  • Ease of managing -Touchless Smart Carwash is self-managed thus cutting costs on personnel. It has minimal maintenance requirements and inventories most of which are managed through the Smart Carwash App. Yes, each Touchless Smart Carwash system will have an operator onsite to ensure cleanliness and operability of the system to its maximum quality standards.
  • Optional services - customers can request other services based on their requirements, an additional revenue for the business while Increasing value to our customers.
  • High yield -All the above reasons, including expansion opportunities make Smart Carwash a high-return investment venture.


A human touch with a use of nanotechnology. This is a waterless solution that uses chemicals and nonabrasive equipment to wash a car wherever it is parked. Combining information and nano technology, Smart Carwash provides convenience at your fingertips with a human touch leaving your car sparkling without scratches.

All the customer needs to do is to request a wash via the Smart Carwash App, then our Smart Carwash agents will respond by finding the car’s location and provide a waterless service to the car.

How it Works

Artificial Intelligence

This is a touchless solution relying on Artificial Intelligence brought by LeisuWash. It is the newest automatic car wash that raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment.

The machine has a high-pressure pre-wash for under chassis and wheels. Equipped with a unique chassis and fan hub flush function, the 90bar high pressure water effectively removes dirt on the vehicle chassis, body sides and wheels. It also features a smart 360 rotating arm which sprays various washing chemicals with a high-precision proportioning technology.The 100% accurate measurement system with adjustable ratios releases only 20~50ml pre-soak consumption for washing one car. This high precision chemical mixing system saves material in addition to being cost efficient.

How it Works

Information Technology

Smart Carwash mobile application is a finger-tip solution to the carwash business. It allows customers to book for services, monitor progress on the wash process and make payments.

The app is also used by Smart Carwash agents to manage the wash process and monitor business progress. As a carwash owner, you do not need to be at an office to generate financial and other business reports.The Smart Carwash App does all that for you at the tip of your fingers.

How it Works

Smart Carwash mobile application is a finger-tip solution to the carwash business. It allows customers to book for services, monitor progress on the wash process and make payments.

Download the App

Click here to download the Smart Carwash App.

Download the App

The App is available to download on Google Play store and on Huawei AppGallery. 


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